About Us

Commercial life in 1988 ; sports, travel and school bags “ELİT ÇANTA” started with manufacturing , the significant investments made ​​in the same year and especially with the high quality of the labor force in all sectors including global brands has managed to attract the attention .

Located in central Istanbul Bayrampaşa company , which now operates the school year, Adidas and Nike brand , has started the production of sports and travel bags . Benetton expanding its production network in a short time and LC Waikiki firms add to your portfolio , the company within the past 25 years has done production work on almost all brands , many big companies have produced promotional products .

“ELİT ÇANTA”, which is a registered trademark since 2001 " VOX " and started to import , then the French " PLATINIUM " and Italian " RONCATO " has been the distributor in Turkey . In 2006, " PIERRE CARDIN " brand , suitcases , travel kits and licensor of briefcases , our company after the Pierre Cardin brand ladies handbags and purses licensor has continued to grow , adding to its portfolio .

The quality of its mission “ELİT ÇANTA”, his investments , expanding sales network and professional team , every day and feel the weight is strength in the sector . About our most current information social media of our accounts that you can follow our latest products Boyner, Ykm Özdilek, Aydınlı, Ayakkabı Dünyası, Huzur and Gencallar as chain stores and in Turkey more than 400 exclusive retail outlets can see .